Terms and Conditions

Important: These terms and conditions and any contractual or non-contractual agreement between the parties shall be governed by the laws of England. By accessing this website or placing an order, either over the telephone, e-mail, or website you agree with and accept our terms and conditions shown below. It is your responsibility to check this page for changes every time you use our website and read these terms. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions please do not use this website and our services.

Services Terms and Conditions


  • Viva Carpet Cleaning cannot guarantee availability of the services stated on this website in all areas and at all times.


  • Payments can be made by cash, card, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Cash payments are accepted no later than upon completion of the requested service, directly to a member of our staff.
  • Bank transfer payments from private customers are only accepted upfront. The amount due for the service must be paid at least 24 hours before the beginning of the service booked. All bank details, invoice and payment instructions will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address provided. If these payment terms are not met, our company has the right to cancel the service.
  • Cheque payments are only accepted if a cheque guarantee card is supplied. The customer will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from a dishonoured cheque.

Special offers

  • Special offers cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • Special offers do not apply for minimum charges.
  • Special offers are subject to availability and usually apply for specific days, time fragments and areas.
  • Every special offer holds its own terms and conditions. For detailed information please do not hesitate to call us, our friendly operatives will be happy to tell you more on our special offers and discounts.


  • The customer is responsible for providing access to the property at the scheduled time. The customer is also responsible for providing electricity and running water at the premises. Failure to provide any of the above may result in cancellation of the service.
  • The customer is responsible for arranging a suitable parking for our company vehicles close to the property to be cleaned and cover any parking and/or congestion expenses if applicable.


  • The customer can cancel or reschedule a booked service over the telephone or via e-mail.
  • Our Company has the right to cancel or reschedule a service in cases where an accident with the assigned cleaning team has happened or any unexpected circumstances have occurred.
  • Our Company reserves the right to refuse a particular cleaning task if the condition of the property is hazardous to the health and safety of our team members.

Claims and Insurance

  • Our company and its operatives hold Public Liability Insurance.
  • Any damage or breakage claims must be reported straight after completion of the service. We will do our best to arrange a repair of the item, or replacement, if repair is not possible. The client agrees to allow our operatives back in the premises to inspect the items in question.
  • No refund claims will be considered once the cleaning service is carried out. All complaints will be fully investigated and we will do everything possible to resolve any problem to the satisfaction of the customer. The customer agrees to allow our operatives back to the property and also be present while they inspect any disputed areas or items and re-clean them.


  • Our company does not warrant that our services will not be interrupted, timely or error-free. By accessing and using this website you indemnify our company and our operatives against any sort of loss or damage arisen by whatever reason, which is beyond the sensible control of our company.
  • Viva Carpet Cleaning advises all irreplaceable, priceless items to be stored away in a safe place, where they will not be accidentally damaged by our cleaners while commencing a cleaning service.
  • Our company cannot be held responsible for any already existing damages to our customers’ property. These include, but are not limited to: damages to surfaces, appliances, furniture and belongings; old stains, burns and spillages that cannot be removed completely using standard cleaning methods.
  • Our Company cannot be liable for not fully completing a cleaning service due to the presence of a third party at the client’s property while cleaning is being conducted.
  • Viva Carpet Cleaning demands that all valuable or delicate items are removed from the site of cleaning. We cannot be held responsible for unattended cash, jewellery, artwork, antiques, or items of sentimental worth.
  • Our Company cannot be held responsible if wearing and/or discolouring of fabric become more visible once the dirt has been removed.
  • Our Company is not liable for carpets shrinking after cleaning, due to inadequate positioning or fitting.
  • Viva Carpet Cleaning cannot be held responsible for old/permanent stains that could not be removed by standard carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques.


  • Both parties – our company and the customer may delegate their obligations, under an agreement, to a sub-contractor, without the written consent of other party. In case of such notifications from either of the parties for sub-contracting any of their obligations under the service agreement, the same party should specify in written notice who should have liability for any infringement of these terms and conditions or a failure to execute the service agreed.

Website Terms and Conditions


  • Our Company reserves the rights to interrupt, deny or stop the access to this website without a prior notice at any time. As the owner of the intellectual property of the Viva Carpet Cleaning website, Our Company may also add, change or remove the content of this website.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

  • Our website does not use cookies. Our company only collects information over the phone, e-mail or via our online forms so that we are able to provide the requested services. Our Company guarantees your full confidentiality and will store your data strictly, according to this policy.

Copyright Notice

  • Copyrights apply to all intellectual property on this website. Any copying or re-publications of the content of this website is not allowed without a prior written consent from the owner.


  • We cannot guarantee that the information found on this website is absolutely precise and there may be omissions and inaccuracies. Our Company is not responsible for any sort of damages or losses resulting from decisions that you make based on the content of the website.
Terms and Conditions
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